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We are currently looking for responsible workers for the following positions: stainless steel welder, iron welder, locksmith and varnisher...



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The Company TEPROFA operates in the newly built modern production hall in the industrial park Lipany. The main production activities are welding and assembly works of metal structures made of iron and stainless steel up to 5,000 kg. The company stands out for its quality staffing.



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We produce steel structures for future machines, production lines, conveyors and other components. Products are intended for industry or for food industry.

The constructions are made of precise laser cuts welded by MIG technology and in case of stainless steel also by TIG technology. Precision parts and mountings are usually produced on precision CNC lathes and milling machines. After a thorough inspection, the finished weldments are lacquered and transferred to the assembly of the finished functional unit.



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